Full-stack freelance developer with thorough experience in all facets of software development + embedded software development

Being freelance software developer since 2009
Living in Åbyhøj, Aarhus - age 51
Enjoys sailing, playing bass, listening to musik and tinkering with electronics

Currently working as a fullstack developer in team distribution

Using .NET Core, MSSSQL, Google Pub Sub, Angular, RxJS, Rest, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure Devops, GIT

(2022, 2023)

Been working as a full-stack developer in team Cura Dialog developing a Progressive Web App (PWA) + Angular Web application / Java backend + Swift IOS app + Android app and FHIR DB

Using Java Spring Boot backend, Rest, Docker, FHIR DB, Angular, Swift, Java, TypeScript, Google Material UI, JIRA, GIT

(2021, 2022)

Working as C# .NET Core Backend developer plus frontend implementing booking systems for medical services. (Corona tests booking application for EU)

Using C# .NET Core, Docker, MSSQL, Entity Framework, Angular, JIRA, GIT


Been a part of the software department implementing backend code in C# and MS-SQL development for their main web-based real-estate software.

My main task at Mindworking was to create an importer that could migrate cases from a competitive real-estate system - thus doing a lot of data conversion, reading xml and calling APIs. Another main task i had was to parallelize an existing importer in order to achieve much faster data import.

Also modelling the MSSQL database model + import scripts for Microsoft PowerBI

Using Microsoft Visual Studio, C# .NET / Entity Framework / Microsoft SQL Server / GIT / Jira / Scrum

(2020, 2018 - 2019)

Developer of a cross-platform mobile app that connects to the spinning bikes, shows and collects live performance data. Has 100.000+ users as of now shared between IOS and Android devices. The app is written in Javascript / HTML5 using Ionic framework / AngularJS / Visual Studio Code / Published on Google Play & Apple App Store

The firmware running inside the spinning bike sending out Bluetooth Cycling Power protocol and ANT+ is also developed by me written in C language (Keil compiler) for a nRF51422 microprocessor

(2015 - now)

Been working at Norlys (Stofa) as a part of their startslut web development team - writing backend code for administration pages using PHP / MySql / JavaScript / mySQL / Docker / Bootstrap / MVC / Microservices / rest APIs. Also maintaining myPages and Mediator was part of my work

(2020, 2014 - 2015)

Been a part of a software team developing systems for the public sector involving passports, drivers licenses and photography technology. My work consisted of backend / MSSQL server development and also development of the main WPF application and ASP.NET web sites.

Also developer of a "Selfie" photostation that produces passport compliant photos using face recognition tools from Cognitec Systems.

Using Microsoft Visual Studio, C# .NET, WPF, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, Jenkins CI, GIT and Arduino technology (C code)

(2015 - 2018)

At Triax I was part of the software development team writing the software for the TDX Headend. I wrote C++ and C code for AT91SAM9163 ARM processor using eCos as RTOS and also firmware for STM32 frontend modules.

A low-level interrupt driven DVB core packet system was mainly developed and maintained by me

Also a proof of concept going from a Silverlight UI to HTML5 / Angular was done by me

(2010 - 2012, 2015)

At Martin i started my professional career as an IT employee but also with the main task of getting Martin connected to the World Wide Web! We started out with a simple modem and a very basic page for software downloads, then ISDN - later a T1 connection.

Later on I stood for the development of the Martin Website using IIS / MSSQL

Even later I was asked to join the R&D department in order to be an embedded software developer. I made software for the MAC 700 Profile, MAC 700 Wash and Stagebar products plus a nice UI interface for the MAC III Profile and Wash using Green Hills Integrity as RTOS

In 2013 i was maintaining the Martin LightJockey lighting software solution developed in Delphi - adding new fixtures and new features to the software

(1995 - 2009, 2013) IT, Webmaster & Software Engineer