Full-stack freelance developer with thorough experience in all facets of software development + embedded software development

Being freelance software developer since 2009
Living in Beder, Aarhus - age 52
Enjoys sailing, playing bass, listening to musik and tinkering with electronics

Worked as a fullstack developer upgrading and feature updating an internal Android App to be lifted to latest API level 34 and updating all dependencies and components + gradle

Using Android Studio, GIT, Gradle


Worked as a fullstack developer in team distribution modernizing the platform that handles trucks that deliver fuel and oil products. The new platform is now usings micro service architecture that is interconnected using message queus and rest interfaces towards a 3rd party planning system

Using .NET Core, MSSQL, Google Pub Sub, Angular, RxJS, Rest, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure Devops, GIT

(2022, 2023)

Been working as a full-stack developer in team Cura Dialog developing a Progressive Web App (PWA) + Angular Web application / Java backend + Swift IOS app + Android app and FHIR DB

Using Java Spring Boot backend, Rest, Docker, FHIR DB, Angular, Swift, Java, TypeScript, Google Material UI, JIRA, GIT

(2021, 2022)

Working as C# .NET Core Backend developer plus frontend implementing booking systems for medical services. (Corona tests booking application for EU)

Using C# .NET Core, Docker, MSSQL, Entity Framework, Angular, JIRA, GIT


Been a part of the software department implementing backend code in C# and MS-SQL development for their main web-based real-estate software.

My main task at Mindworking was to create an importer that could migrate cases from a competitive real-estate system - thus doing a lot of data conversion, reading xml and calling APIs. Another main task i had was to parallelize an existing importer in order to achieve much faster data import.

Also modelling the MSSQL database model + import scripts for Microsoft PowerBI

Using Microsoft Visual Studio, C# .NET / Entity Framework / Microsoft SQL Server / GIT / Jira / Scrum

(2020, 2018 - 2019)

Developer of a cross-platform mobile app that connects to the spinning bikes, shows and collects live performance data. Has 100.000+ users as of now shared between IOS and Android devices. The app is written in Javascript / HTML5 using Ionic framework / AngularJS / Visual Studio Code / Published on Google Play & Apple App Store

The firmware running inside the spinning bike sending out Bluetooth Cycling Power protocol and ANT+ is also developed by me written in C language (Keil compiler) for a nRF51422 microprocessor

(2015 - now)

Been working at Norlys (Stofa) as a part of their startslut web development team - writing backend code for administration pages using PHP / MySql / JavaScript / mySQL / Docker / Bootstrap / MVC / Microservices / rest APIs. Also maintaining myPages and Mediator was part of my work

(2020, 2014 - 2015)

Been a part of a software team developing systems for the public sector involving passports, drivers licenses and photography technology. My work consisted of backend / MSSQL server development and also development of the main WPF application and ASP.NET web sites.

Also developer of a "Selfie" photostation that produces passport compliant photos using face recognition tools from Cognitec Systems.

Using Microsoft Visual Studio, C# .NET, WPF, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, Jenkins CI, GIT and Arduino technology (C code)

(2015 - 2018)

At Triax I was part of the software development team writing the software for the TDX Headend. I wrote C++ and C code for AT91SAM9163 ARM processor using eCos as RTOS and also firmware for STM32 frontend modules.

A low-level interrupt driven DVB core packet system was mainly developed and maintained by me

Also a proof of concept going from a Silverlight UI to HTML5 / Angular was done by me

(2010 - 2012, 2015)

At Martin i started my professional career as an IT employee but also with the main task of getting Martin connected to the World Wide Web! We started out with a simple modem and a very basic page for software downloads, then ISDN - later a T1 connection.

Later on I stood for the development of the Martin Website using IIS / MSSQL

Even later I was asked to join the R&D department in order to be an embedded software developer. I made software for the MAC 700 Profile, MAC 700 Wash and Stagebar products plus a nice UI interface for the MAC III Profile and Wash using Green Hills Integrity as RTOS

In 2013 i was maintaining the Martin LightJockey lighting software solution developed in Delphi - adding new fixtures and new features to the software

(1995 - 2009, 2013) IT, Webmaster & Software Engineer